Mick Blankenship w/ Noan Neal and Jesse Kramer

JD Legends, 65 Millard Drive, Franklin, OH

Mick Blankenship

Hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio is the American Rock artist & multi-instrumentalist known as “Mick Blankenship”. Mick teamed up with producer John Moyer (bassist of multi-platinum Metal band Disturbed) to record his first full length album titled “Crown of Apathy”. Crown Apathy was released world wide in Feb 2018. Mick recently teamed up again with Moyer in 2020 to record his second full length album titled “Madness in shadows” and even features Moyer on the album as a co-writer. The new album contains a ballad as well as some heavy hitters. Influenced by artists like Disturbed, Shinedown and Sevendust it is sure to please a large audience. Madness in the shadows is slated to be released July, 9 2021.

Nolan Neal

One of the hottest, most talented artist, born in Nashville, TN, Nolan Neal is a beautiful, soulful sounding singer, an accomplished music producer/song writer and an extremely talented musician & fantastic live performer.

To his credit Nolan has appeared on 2 very popular syndicated television competitions. One was THE VOICE in 2016, where he received a 4-chair turn. The other was on AGT in 2020 – America’s Got Talent, where he went all the way to the SEMI-FINALS. His cover of the Elton John song "Tiny Dancer" was a YouTube sensation drawing over 3.5 MILLION views!

Jesse Kramer

Jesse Kramer’s story is as authentic as it is unpredictable. It’s a story of struggle, adversity and rebirth. A story still in its preface as the young 25 year old singer and songwriter from Indianapolis, who now resides in Nashville, seeks to kick-start the official rebirth of rock n’ roll for the modern world.

“Rock n’ roll is NOT dead! It thrives on lives with struggle, passion and soul,” Jesse emphatically claims. “It takes guts, focus, and drive. I hope to become the modern world's reminder that rock n’ roll still exists, and is an avenue which people can channel emotions and thoughts through music, just as I do.”

$15- $20